Wholesale Diamonds

Perfection begins with an extraordinary piece of diamond rough, selected to become an exquisitely rare diamond of superior quality and performance. Online shopping was once seen as only suitable either for low-price items,loose wholesale diamonds  like books or for quickly finding specific product information (Kelley Blue Book – – for cars, for real estate, for movies, etc.). Nowadays online customers are familiar with and pretty comfortable buying big-ticket items online, such as diamonds and even cars, and designing their own products, truly made-to-order (customized bank loans, Levi’s custom-designed jeans; custom-designed engagement rings).

Honest sites state it clearly, such as, Diamonds sold at wholesale to trade members and to the public at discounts.” This means an individual will not get the low-low wholesale price, but you will be shown a price that could be lower than in a traditional retail outlet.

As in option 1, the customer is left with only the second diamond; however, unlike option 1, the customer has paid a total of only $14,860 (original purchase of $7,200 + Second purchase of $10,860 less trade in of $3,200), compared to the $18,000 total purchase price in option 1.

If one is seeking to buy Exclusive Diamonds, or Signature Diamonds or even Matchingpairs, which would be hard to find off-shelf and need to be you shouldconsider to contact us, with our qualification of being manufacturers you can surelybenefit from our wholesale prices.

Ritani diamonds are curated in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District, in the largest diamond factory in the U.S. Our select group of diamond cutters bring many years of education and experience to their work, as well as a deeply held passion for bringing out the beauty of rare gems.