New Whatsapp Video 2018 Download

Of many things that have helped reshape the phone industry, WhatsApp is definitely among the top few. You’ll know if you have access to Status on iOS when the Contacts tab gets replaced with a camera icon (see photo above),and the far-left tab reads “Status.” Android users will see a new Camera icon to the left of the Chats tab, next to a new Status tab.

Think of it as a way of broadcasting something fun to your contacts in one go, except it won’t show up in their individual chats, but rather in their Status tab. When your account gets access to Status, you won’t have to download or install an app update from the App Store or Play Store – it’ll just show up.

According to the recent features of WhatsApp, you can upload multiple video clips as your video status that will automatically disappear within 24 hours. Step 5. Go to Phone Settings -> Installed Apps and Browse WhatsApp and Force Stop it so the changes will take effect and apply successfully.

Unlike Snapchat, WhatsApp does not alert you when a contact takes a screenshot of your Status. WhatsApp Stories: Here’s how it looks on Android. You won’t have to search for an update on App Store or Google Play Store, as the feature has gone live on the app itself.

There is a plethora of apps available today to download the Whatsapp status stories of others easily. With the Status tab selected on an iPhone, tap on Privacy. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a way to save a Status to your phone. WhatsApp status has become an insanely popular feature of the application since its launch in 2017.